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Because Babies Don't Keep.
But at least your photos of them will. 

What is it?

A documentary style photoshoot that takes place in the comfort of your own home. This session is perfect for families wanting a more relaxed, nostalgic and intimate experience. Each in-home session will include a selection of images available for download, with the option to purchase more.

Your gallery will include both natural, unposed images as well as the more traditional poses with both baby and family.  

How to prepare?


There's no need to do a deep clean or to ensure your home is spotless. I'm there to focus on your family and baby. The rest is simply background noise. A lot of my images can be taken close up, which leaves plenty of room to move clutter to the side if needed. You don't need an Insta-worthy or show-quality home. Really, all I need is some natural light from a window, a bed or couch, and your adorable newborn.

What should we expect during our session? 

No stress! Since I am coming to you, there is no need to worry about timing the next feed, or keeping baby awake, or making sure they are sleeping. If your toddler needs to stop and have a snack or baby needs to eat, then there is plenty of time for that. I estimate my sessions to take roughly 90 minutes, but they can sometimes take longer depending on how fussy or unsettled baby is. And that's totally okay! Again, I want this to be as stress free for you and your family as possible. 

When should we book?

Most families book their sessions during the second trimester to guarantee a spot in my booking calendar, especially if due in the summer or fall months. I do however accept last minute booking if I have room.  While there is no age limit, I find this session works best if baby is 1-4 weeks old. Since your due date is never a guaranteed time for your babies arrival, I offer a tentative date in my booking calendar, and am prepared to change it depending on how "early" or "late" baby is born.

Each one of my sessions comes with complimentary access to my client closet filled with dozens of designer dresses ranging in sizes Adult XS through 3X as well as some options for your little ones.  

This is your story.

 Capture these moments and cherish                        them forever. 

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